1. The Scope of this Service of ours is LIMITED to connecting prospective candidates with the companies and its the responsibility of both candidates and the companies to verify the authenticity of the details and we can noway be held responsible at any time for the authenticity or any action whatsoever of the candidate or company.
2. The Posting of Job Vacancy Doesn't Guarantee anything of any sort and we will not be bound to provide/arrange candidates for the posted vacancies. Our Software will auatomatically do related search from time to time and mail you about the same.
3. The companies are expected to inform us about the closure of any job vacancies to avoid any misunderstanding/ harrasment.
4. On successful recruitment of a candidate, the company would legally remain responsible to pay us a NON-REFUNDABLE SERVICE CHARGE Amounting to 2.5% of the Candidates Total Annual Salary, within 40 Days from the date of the appointment irrespective of anything. On failing to do so for whatsoever reasons we would recover the same through legal means along with the legal expenses we might have to incur.
5. Beside the points mentioned here the company will always remain bound by all the legal rules and regulations associated with this type of service and on violation of the same we cann't be held responsible by any means.
6. The Service itself and the clauses mentioned here are subject to Alteration/ Additions and Deletion without any prior intimation.